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Efficiency and cost are two of the biggest factors to consider when it comes to running a successful small business. While most of your business is probably run online and through email, reliable phone access is still an important part of small business. Older phone systems can be costly, difficult to manage, inflexible, and even harder to troubleshoot. Fortunately, there’s a better solution that benefits businesses of all sizes.

What is VOIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VOIP, is a technology that allows users to make calls using the broadband Internet rather than conventional or analog phone system. This technology works by converting sound into digital voice communication and transferring it through broadband.

Why is VOIP Better

The technical capabilities of VOIP are far more advanced than conventional phones. VOIP supports advanced features that make communication easier and more convenient. With features like auto attendant, voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling you can effectively and efficiently organize your incoming and outgoing calls.

Additionally, phone calls made using VOIP technology are cheaper. How? There is no setup or monthly fees associated with voip. There is also no expensive hardware to install and international phone calls are made over the Internet, making them cheaper.

All of these benefits are great. However, the biggest advantage of VOIP is mobility. Data transmission and voice are carried through a broadband connection, which means the technology can be accessed using any Internet-enabled device.

How Can It Help Your Business?

Go International

Can VOIP help expand your small business? The short answer is yes! As a small business you can create a National and International presence right from your office or any Internet-enabled device. You can create a local number for anywhere in the world, which allows you to have a local presence without having a physical office location.

Increase Productivity

Now you and your team can multi-task seamlessly and without interruption. Easily conduct virtual meetings and share data via video conferencing. Say goodbye to distorted phone calls, dropped calls, and lagging transmission. Now you can get what you need done better and faster. With all of these saved costs, you can now reallocate funds back into your business and your employees.

Increase Employee Flexibility

With VOIP you and your employees can access and integrate programs like email, e-fax, remote conferencing and more. This feature is ideal for your employees who travel often or work remote. Long distance VOIP is still cheaper when compared to traditional cell phone plans.

Scale Up or Down Easily

It’s hard to predict how many phones you will need every year. Traditional phones are expensive and have high maintenance costs. IP phones are easy to install; even for the most technologically challenged individuals. It’s easy and inexpensive to add new users through the easy to use portal system that requires zero installation.

Want to Learn More?

VOIP technology can help grow your business without inflating your costs. If you want to know more about this technology and other solutions contact us today!

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