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Businesses have to have wireless.  Whether your employee laptops need connectivity or you want to provide Internet access to guests, businesses need Wi-Fi.  Flexibility and mobility are the name of the game these days and you just can’t have those things without a solid Wi-Fi network.

Unfortunately, it can be expensive to deploy a new wireless network, especially for a small business.  Luckily we’ve found a really great way to help our clients get the lightning fast wireless network they need without breaking the bank.  Watch or read on below to find out how.

Full Video Transcript:

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Hey guys! Phil Denton here with Denton Business Solutions, where We Take the Stress out of IT!

It’s Friday afternoon, so this is going to be a quick video.  I’m getting ready to head home for the weekend but I had a pretty big win today and I want to share it with you guys.

I have a client who had an older wireless network and they needed to replace the equipment for several different reasons.  Typically when you’re looking at a traditional technology upgrade you have to spend money on hardware, sometimes software, maintenance agreements, and services hours for installation, setup, and training.  An infrastructure upgrade can be a really expensive proposition.

Hardware, software, licensing, monitoring, installation and unlimited support included for a low monthly cost

But!  In this case, we took the cost to set everything up – hardware, the software, you know, the updates and maintenance releases, new configuration changes and everything – monitoring, 24-hour monitoring and support, next day hardware replacement… We took all that cost and rolled it up into a monthly payment so rather than having to pay thousands of dollars to deploy a new wireless solution, this customer was able to pay just a monthly cost instead and pay nothing upfront.  No hardware cost, no installation costs, just the monthly wireless network cost.

For them, that was a huge win because they much prefer OpEx rather than CapEx and we were able to structure this for them where they get the technology they need at the price and the billing situation they need.

On top of that, if you think about it as a business owner, rather than buying a bunch of new hardware that you have to depreciate out over several years, in this case you can write off the entire cost of your network upgrade as an expense instead.  So from an accounting perspective this actually works out really really well for business owners as well.  In the end I love it when we have a win-win where we get to get that customer the technology they need and on the financial terms they need.

I just wanted to share this with you guys in case you weren’t aware that you can buy technology as a service these days.  You can get the technology you need without having to pay a boatload up front to get it all set up and configured and working the way you want and then feel like you’re going to get charged every time you call a company for support.

Get the technology you need without paying a boatload up front

With a managed network support is included, changes are included, monitoring is included, and you get a Best of Breed solution with white-glove installation for a low monthly cost instead of paying a bunch out-of-pocket and then having to pay for support every time you pick up the phone to call.

This is a great way to get your company what you need to propel its growth forward.  Just wanted to throw that out there for you to consider.  I thought it was really cool how we set up this client and they seem really happy.

I’m going to head home now but I just wanted to mention this project in case you hadn’t heard of Managed Wireless or Wireless as a Service before that before so thanks for watching guys!

Again, I know it’s Friday, so get home, spend time with your families, which is what’s really important but until next time Stay Safe, Stay Secure, and Stay Productive and I’ll see you guys later.


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