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The Cyber Security Threat is Real

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Target.  Facebook.  Yahoo.  What do all three of these companies have in common?  They have all recently been victims of HUGE cyber security breaches.  Target was made famous for its credit card breach in 2013, Facebook with its privacy issues in 2018, and the City of Atlanta was crippled by the SamSam virus in 2018.

While most of the cyberattack victims in the news are giant corporations, 62% of cyberattacks actually target small businesses.  The result?  An average cost of $86,500 per incident.  Sadly, for most small businesses, a serious cyber attack will put them out of business for good within 6 months of the incident.

The point here is that cyber attacks cost a lot, especially for manufacturers.  Between equipment downtime and the potential of losing your clients’ trust due to data breach, cyber threats cannot be ignored.

What can I do about it?

Threat actors have realized that attacking a company – especially a manufacturer – is much more lucrative than attacking individuals.  There is hope though!  With proper planning, you can defend yourself, your clients, and your company.  Proper cyber defense requires multiple layers of protection including people, processes, and tools.  Here are some common solution components used to bolster a company’s cyber security:


  • Security Control Assessor
  • Secure Software Assessor
  • Security Architect
  • Security Analyst
  • Systems Security Analyst


  • Change Management
  • Incident Response
  • Awareness Training
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Audits


Where do I Start?

Your first step is to figure out who in your company is responsible for cyber security.  Cyber security initiatives, just like Lean, Quality, and Safety initiatives, need a champion to take ownership of the process and that champion has to come from inside your company.

Next, have your cyber security champion call us.  We don’t have sales quotas or promotional pricing so you’ll never get a “hard sell” from us.  Just honest advice.

Whether you need a little cyber security tune-up or you want to find a trusted Cincinnati-based IT company to assume all your cyber security responsibilities, we are here for you.  Just complete and submit the form below and someone will contact you within 8 business hours.  If you want to speak with someone NOW, please call +1-855-933-6832.