4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs VOIP

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“Can VOIP really help my business if I’m not a big chain or National brand?”


VOIP technology is the perfect solution for budding small and medium-sized businesses. With VOIP you can enjoy better conference calls, virtual numbers, and have the freedom of being able to make calls anywhere on any Internet-enabled device.

Ready to learn some of our favorite benefits of VOIP?

Why is VOIP Better?

The technical capabilities of VOIP are far more advanced than conventional phones. VOIP supports advanced features that make communication easier and more convenient. With features like auto attendant, voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling you can effectively and efficiently organize your incoming and outgoing calls.

Additionally, phone calls made using VOIP technology are cheaper. How? There is no setup or monthly fees associated with VOIP. There is also no expensive hardware to install and international phone calls are made over the Internet, making them cheaper.

All of these benefits are great. However, the biggest advantage of VOIP is mobility. Data transmission and voice are carried through a broadband connection, which means the technology can be accessed using any Internet-enabled device.

Affordable Communication Costs

As a medium-sized business you have to be careful of ballooning costs. With VOIP you can use your existing phones that are connected to the Internet. You’ll benefit from free or dramatically reduced call rates, as well as unlimited calls for a lower price compared to the charge per minute of traditional phone companies. Many VOIP providers offer different packages which will suit your business’ budget and its budding needs.

Multitask Efficiently

VOIP, unlike regular phone lines, let you make multiple phone calls at the same time. Your team can make group calls or host conference calls at the same time. The ability to multitask like this is what separates successful businesses from failures. Now your employees and management can easily collaborate with each other and efficiently communicate with clients.

Get the Most for Your Money

VOIP does more than just make phone calls. In fact, you can enjoy a wide range of features like:

Caller ID
Call waiting
Call blocking
Last number redial

Additionally, some VOIP service providers offer features like transfers, return call, SMS, and area code selection. Many of these add on features are offer to you at a low cost. Which makes VOIP ideal for your medium-sized business

Affordable Technology

Some medium-size business owners are weary of new technology. The initial buy-in cost can be expensive and isn’t feasible for small to medium-size businesses. However, VOIP is affordable and won’t cost you a fortune. Most VOIP systems require little to no installation and can be ran on existing equipment. Equipment that is required that you likely already have includes:

A working sound card
A working computer
Headset or microphone
Or a speaker

Some service providers require that you use VOIP phones. The reality is that all you need are Internet enabled device. But if you would like to use a VOIP phone Some providers may offer these for a small monthly fee.

Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Denton Solutions can help your business find the right VOIP package for your business needs. If you want to learn more, contact us today.

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