Update 9/19/2015: Cisco published the End-of-Life announcement for the SPA232D and the SPA302 today.  We DO NOT recommend selling these products any more as phone support is only available on them until 12/16/2016.  Deploy with caution!

Update 1/9/2014: Last summer Cisco published an End-of-Life announcement for the UC320W and UC500-series products. We DO NOT recommend these products for new installs as SMARTNet is only available on them until January of 2017. Deploy with caution!

I know, I know – it’s featured on the Cisco SMB products homepage (seen below), it’s clearly listed as a 300-series SPA phone right next to the SPA301 and SPA303, but… unlike its siblings the “Cisco SPA302 Multi-Line DECT Handset” will not work with either the UC320W or the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (“SBCS”).  There are determined engineers out there who have duct-taped together a working integration but a) it’s a quite tedious and b) it’s not supported by Cisco TAC so I can’t recommend forcing the SPA302 into a solution using the Cisco small business phone systems.

Cisco SPA302 Shown on Cisco Small Business Homepage


Why won’t it work?

Cisco SPA302D Wireless Phone

Cisco SPA302D Wireless Phone

The SPA302 doesn’t use the same type of wireless network as laptops and smartphones.  It uses a protocol called “DECT,” which is like a modern version of the 900MHz cordless phones that have been available since the mid-1990s.  Without the ability to communicate with other IP-enabled devices such as the Cisco UC300 or UC500 series small business phone systems, it can’t be configured by or used with them.


Alternatives to the SPA302

If you’re looking for a wireless phone to work with the UC320W your best option at the time of this writing, unfortunately, is to use a regular analog cordless phone attached to the FXS port on the UC320W chassis. If your company needs additional FXS ports you can add a Cisco SPA8800 Analog Telephone Adaptor (“ATA”) the environment and it will provide you with four more FXO ports and four more FXS ports.

If you need a wireless phone for the Cisco SBCS then go for either the Cisco 7925 or Cisco 7926 wireless IP phones.  The only difference between the two is the 7926 has a two-dimensional barcode scanner, while the 7925 does not.  The only downside to the 7900 series wireless IP phones is they are a little pricey for the SMB market.  I think the last 7925 “kit” (phone, battery, charger, and Cisco SMARTNet) I sold came out to around $600.

If you were wanting the SPA302 to work with a Cisco phone system I hate to have been the bearer of bad news but hopefully you found this article before ordering any hardware.  Honestly, I wish Cisco had called this device the “SPA402” to avoid the compatibility confusion but it is what it is.

Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this post.  If you still need help figuring out what phone will work best for your environment feel free to contact me.  I’ll probably write a more in-depth review of the SPA302 and SPA232 in the near future so click the “Like” button on the right to see when that comes out.  Just out of curiosity, have you found any stand-out cordless phones to use with a UC300 or UC500?  If so please let me and your fellow engineers know in the comments below!