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We live in the information age.  Keeping your employees connected to your customers, your vendors, and to each other is crucial to running a successful business.  If your IT infrastructure isn’t helping to give you a competitive edge and to propel your business forward then please give us a call.  We put technology to work for you and it all starts with a FREE IT assessment!

What’s Included in this Free Assessment?

Our free technology assessments last roughly half a day and are designed for us to learn about you and your business then use that knowledge to evaluate and suggest repairs or improvements to your IT infrastructure.  Our consultant will spend some time talking with you about your business and discuss any IT pain points you may be experiencing.  He’ll also spend time documenting your network environment and investigating IT-related issues you’ve identified.  After it’s all said and done, we’ll deliver a customized report to you with specific steps for how you can stabilize and optimize your IT infrastructure in order to maximize its value to your organization.

But What’s Actually IN the Assessment?

  • A summary of your business goals and how they depend on your underlying IT infrastructure
  • A logical diagram of your network infrastructure
  • A complete IT inventory, including servers, network devices, and phone system
  • Suggested solutions to any current infrastructure problems you’re experiencing
  • A list of additional infrastructure improvements ordered by priority of your business objectives

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