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In addition to providing professional IT consulting we also resell just about all the hardware, software, and vendor support it takes to grow and maintain a modern company. It’s hard to maintain objectivity on making IT purchasing recommendations when we stand to profit from being the provider of the goods and services we recommend so we keep our margins as thin as we can just to cover our costs. And the best part? We’re usually cheaper than the “big guys” like CDW and Newegg.

What all do you sell?

We really do sell almost everything you can think of. Through close ties to more than a dozen of the world’s leading technology vendors and working with distribution partners who plug us into over 1,400 additional manufacturers, we can source just about any IT products you need to maintain and grow your business, from boxes of patch cables to enough computers, servers, and network gear to retrofit your entire company.

Why buy from you?

Firstly, we don’t oversell. Many companies buy way more technology than they need without ever knowing it. We understand the need to plan for growth but if your company only needs the “Chevy” of network solutions we’re not going to ask you to buy the Cadillac. It’s our desire to become clients’ trusted advisor so we strive to “right-size” all solutions. In fact, we’ll even right-size our competitors’ solutions too. If you currently have project quotes outstanding and you’re worried that you could be buying too much, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to review the proposed solutions with you and help you choose the best one for your company (for free of course).

Secondly, what we do sell carries great discounts. We are focused on providing transformative IT solutions, not on pushing for the sale of IT merchandise. Because we’re not running our business off hardware margins we keep our margins small and usually have no problem beating established competition like CDW, NewEgg, and MicroCenter.

Lastly, we like transparent pricing. Most of the largest IT vendors offer their channel partners discounts for finding new business, displacing competitive products, and more. We certainly take advantage of those discounts, but rather than pocketing the additional margin for ourselves, we include it in our quotes and pass the savings on to our clients. In fact, we prefer to negotiate a flat margin with our very best clients so they know they’re getting the absolute best pricing available every time they request a quote.

For exceptional situations we’ve been known to offer additional discounts in exchange for shorter payment periods such as Net-14 or Net-7.

What about financing?

We typically offer our clients 30-day Net Terms. Additionally, we also leverage vendor financing where possible to help clients access the technology they need to grow their business. Through programs such as Cisco Capital Leasing we can often completely eliminate the need for an up-front capital expenditure, rolling hardware, software, maintenance contracts, and professional services for entire projects into one low monthly payment.

Need a quote right now?

If you have an upcoming project or you would like to see how easy IT purchasing can be just give us a call and we’d be happy to help you.