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Ten Reasons Android Phones are Better than iPhones

A picture of a Motorola Droid and iPhoneI love my Motorola Droid X.  It really is a great phone but it can’t even hold a candle to the latest and greatest Android-powered phones like the Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S II.  That said, even if my Droid X is an older phone I’d still choose it over the newest iPhone every single time.  Here are ten reasons why I think Android makes for a much better phone than iOS.


  1. Android OS is available on dozens if not hundreds of phones.  With iOS you only get to pick from five.
  2. Android devices support removable memory so you can add more capacity for media and documents.  If you want to upgrade the memory in an iPhone you have to buy a new one.
  3. Android devices are Plug and Play.  You can attach them to any computer via USB and move photos, mp3s, and other files back and forth.  To do the same with an iPhone you need iTunes.  And an iTunes account.
  4. Android devices support Adobe Flash, which is all over the Internet.  iPhones do not.
  5. Android supports wireless 4G LTE speeds of up to 15Mbps.  iPhones still crawl at 2Mbps 3G speeds.
  6. Android phones (can) have bigger screens.  My Motorola Droid X has a 4.3″ screen but iPhones are only 3.5″.
  7. Android is now shipped on phones that support NFC and “tap and pay”.  No NFC on iPhones yet.
  8. Android offers several keyboard choices, including Swype and physical keyboards with actual buttons.  The iPhone only offers the stock touch screen.
  9. Android supports multiple app stores and will let you install any app you want.  Apple only allows you to install Apple-approved apps from the App Store onto an iPhone.
  10. Android has more cool features.  Some models include 3D cameras, slide-out keyboards, and HDMI out.  iPhones are just iPhones.


And there you have my anti-Apple rant.  I realize Android is an operating system and iPhone is a class of hardware but the variety of hardware available with the Android OS is a large part of Android’s success.  What do you think?  Or maybe you like a little bit of both phones, like Steve Wozniak?  Let us know in the comments below or check out next week’s article, Ten Reasons the iPhone is Better than Android Phones!

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