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Productivity Enhancement

Must-have software productivity tools for the small business owner.

May 2012

Make GMail Social with Rapportive

By |May 13, 2012|

A few weeks ago I visited an old friend who has spent his entire career in outside sales.  He asked me what my company did so I explained that we provide clients with technology solutions to business challenges; however, as soon as I mentioned Social Media he […]

April 2012

Twenty Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts

By |April 10, 2012|

Ticking ClockAs an IT consultant for small businesses, I spend a lot of time at the computer and most of that time is spent typing.  Whether I’m answering email, drafting a client proposal, or authoring a client status report I try to be as efficient […]

September 2011

Three Tools to Track your Brand’s Online Engagement

By |September 28, 2011|

Most small businesses I speak with are wary of trying something as unfamiliar to them as building a website or spending money on social media marketing.  Luckily there are plenty of success stories and business cases out there to show them how many other businesses similar to theirs have had wild success with the same […]

March 2011

Ten Reasons to Switch to Google Apps

By |March 28, 2011|

At DBS we’re pretty excited about the Google Apps productivity suite.  In fact, we use it every single day.  Here are ten reasons to join the three million other businesses running Google Apps.

  1. Gain the productivity, collaboration, and communication capabilities of a large enterprise at a small business price.
  2. No hardware to buy, maintain, or upgrade.  Ever.
  3. No […]

June 2010

OpenOffice vs. Google Apps as a free Office Productivity Suite

By |June 1, 2010|

A review of Google Docs and OpenOffice as a possible productivity suite for small businesses.