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Denton Business Solutions Blog

Ruckus Switch Firmware Upgrade – A How-To

Right now I’m upgrading a network from older Cisco Catalyst switches to brand new Ruckus ICX switches.  The project includes almost 30 closets across 9 buildings so I’ve been spending quite a bit of time doing switch firmware upgrades recently.  Luckily, Ruckus switch firmware upgrades are really easy because you can use a USB flash […]

Reuse Cisco ASA’s LAN IP Addressing for AnyConnect Clients

Why use a Remote Access VPN?

Using a VPN (virtual private network) is by far the best way to provide your employees with secure remote access to corporate resources.  VPNs like Cisco AnyConnect are generally both simple to set up and extremely secure.  I have seen companies open holes in their firewall to allow people to […]

It’s Time To Update Windows 10!

Before reading any further, please calm down.  The blog title isn’t a typo!  I said “it’s time to update Windows 10,” not “upgrade to Windows 10!”  For all you Windows 7 and 8.1 users out there, don’t worry.  I’m not trying to steal your Windows or push you to Windows 10!  Heck, I like Windows […]

By |March 23, 2018|Denton Business Solutions Blog, Microsoft|0 Comments

Office 365 Password Change How-To

Office 365 Logo

Office 365 is a powerful business productivity suite but it takes some getting used to.  When DBS switched over to Office 365 a couple months ago it took me forever to figure out how to change my password!  Honestly, I think Microsoft makes the […]

By |March 21, 2018|Denton Business Solutions Blog, Office 365|0 Comments

Why we Choose Datto for Disaster Recovery

We Choose Datto for Disaster Recovery!2017 brought one of the worst hurricane seasons in recent memory.  This summer, hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria devastated our southern coast and caused tens of billions of dollars in damage.  When I think of disaster recovery, the Red Cross and […]

By |December 15, 2017|Denton Business Solutions Blog, Disaster Recovery|0 Comments