There are lots of technology companies out there. In fact, according to the Cisco Partner Locator Tool, there are over 125 Cisco Channel Partners in the Cincinnati area alone. Here are five points to consider about Denton Business Solutions as you choose a technology company to partner with your business.

1) We know who we are.

We are a professional technology consulting firm. We are a group of technology experts who help businesses just like yours solve real business challenges by deploying, optimizing, and managing technology solutions that increase productivity, decrease costs, and generally make your life easier all while boosting your bottom line.

2) We know who we’re not.

We don’t do computer repair, we don’t design websites, and we don’t provide residential services. We will also never outsource your business overseas. Ever.

3) We know what we’re doing.

DBS partners with the best technology companies in the world so we can provide you with rock solid best-of-breed technology solutions. Our people carry certifications from companies like Cisco, VMWare, and HP as well as technology management certifications from organizations such as ITIL.  Lastly, our engineers have an average of eight years of experience in their field of choice.

4) If we don’t know, we’ll tell you.

Sure, we’d like for you to send all your IT business our way but that’s just not realistic. We’re a small business and we’re passionate about what we do, but we don’t know everything there is to know about every manufacturer and every solution out there. If you come to us with a problem we don’t have the in-house expertise to tackle ourselves we’ll be the first to let you know.  Additionally, we’ll even help you find another vendor with the right expertise for your project if we can’t do it ourselves. We’d rather be well-known for honesty and flawless execution of projects within our expertise than for overreaching our capabilities.

5) In English.

We love technology. Can’t get enough of it. We realize that it is almost like a foreign language so we’re careful to toss the acronyms out the window, drop the marketing fluff, and focus on what’s important – your business and how we’re going to help you grow it. We explain products, solutions, and what they mean to your business in plain old English. Additionally, we do all speak English as a first language and we will never, ever outsource any of our professional services overseas. Guaranteed.

If you’re ready to see how stress-free IT can be give us a call.  We’d love to hear from you.