The UCS SmartPlay Rack Paks are minimally configured, pre-discounted promotional bundles based on the Cisco Unified Computing System C-Series Rack Servers.  Designed for small- and medium-sized business, SmartPlay Rack Paks provide your customers increased choice and business agility with a completely scalable solution.

Why Cisco SmartPlay Rack Paks?

  • Proven Architecture – Cisco UCS unified computing, networking, management, virtualization, and storage access into a single, integrated architecture.
  • Increased Flexibility – Build exactly what your business needs from a range of bundles and accessories.
  • Faster delivery – Additional stock at most major distributors help ensure availability and reduce shipment time.

UCS C-Series SmartPlays

C220 M4

The most versatile, high-density, general-purpose infrastructure and application server in the industry today.  It delivers world-record performance for a wide range of small business workloads, including virtualization, collaboration, and bare-metal applications in a compact 1U package.

C240 M4

Delivers outstanding levels of expandability and performance for a standalone or UCS-managed environments in a 2RU form factor.  Optimized for performance and scalability over a wide range of storage-intensive application workloads, with up to 24 DIMM slots and up to 16TB of internal storage.

Cisco UCS’ Superior Economics

Reduction in Provisioning Times 87%
Reduction in Cabling 77%
Reduction of Ongoing Maintenance Costs 77%
Reduction in Power and Cooling Costs 53%