Thanks to everyone who completed our poll this week.  We had a whopping 40 responses!  We found that our respondents spend an average of 7.85 hours on the computer each day, when we assume the 10+ hours/day crowd spends 12 hours on the computer.  The most common amount of time spent on the computer was 7-8 hours which lines up with the 7.85-hour average across the whole pool of respondents.

Place Amount of Time Number of Votes
1 7 – 8 hours 16
2 > 10 hours 10
3 5 – 6 hours 9
4 9 – 10 hours 2
5 < 2 hours 2
6 3 – 4 hours 1

Since our average respondent spends only NINE MINUTES of an 8-hour workday away from his or her computer, I strongly encourage you to find some ways to break the monotony.  A good place to start is to drink (more) water.  Not only does staying hydrated maximize your brain power, but if you’re drinking the right amount of water during the day you’ll be forced to take breaks to refill your bottle and to empty your… self.  Just find yourself a BPA-free bottle and fill it when you get to work.  You’ll be surprised how much water you drink during the day if you have it within arm’s reach.

I’m not here to preach the hydration gospel to you, but when I saw the poll results I was a little worried about you guys.  Obviously you’re all hard workers but make sure you take some time out for yourselves as well!  Thanks again for answering our poll and reading this followup.  Please feel free to leave your best workplace health tips in the comments below!