I wrote in a previous blog post about all the amazing insights you gain from running Google Analytics on your website, but when it comes down to it, Google Analytics helps you to assess whether visitors are doing what you want them to or not.  For example, the goal of an e-commerce site is to compel visitors to make a purchase from an online store.  The goal of a B2B website may be to encourage potential customers to download a “white paper” about the supplier’s newest product line.

In order for Google Analytics to provide real business intelligence on your website’s performance, you first have to configure Analytics to recognize when a visit to your website results in the completion one or more of your sales or marketing goals (such as a store purchase, white paper download, etc).  In this post I outline exactly how to configure Contact Form 7 and Google Analytics to track and identify form submissions as goals within Google Analytics.  If after the slideshow you’d like more information about what Google Analytics can tell you about your website’s performance, visit our Website Optimization page.

Note: I presume anyone following these instructions already has both Contact Form 7 and Google Analytics installed and functioning properly.  If you need help getting Google Analytics setup feel free to contact us.

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