A picture of a Droid and an iPhone 3GIf you’ve been keeping up with our blog you saw my rant about Android’s superiority over the iPhone last week.  While I would personally never trade my ‘Droid for an iPhone, I can’t ignore that the iPhone is still the single most popular phone on the market today.  Here are what I consider to be the top ten reasons so many people have chosen Apple over Android.


  1. iPhones can be serviced at any Apple Store, regardless of where you bought the phone.  Android phones have to be serviced by the vendor from which you bought them.
  2. iPhones with iOS 5 use iCloud to wirelessly sync your music, photos, documents, and more with all the Apple devices you own.  Android can sync some things via Google Docs but it’s a pitiful substitute for iCloud.
  3. iPhones leverage iTunes to make device management incredibly easy.  Backing up and restoring data, managing your music library, and more are accomplished in a single dashboard.  Android has no equivalent.
  4. iPhones and iPads work with AppleTV to stream media straight to your HDTV.  Again, no Android equivalent.
  5. iPhones have great keyboards.  Sure, they’re smaller than a lot of Android phones but by comparison they’re still more accurate out of the box.
  6. iPhones can take screenshots of their own display.  While not too critical for many people, it’s still something Androids lack.
  7. iPhones have a much smoother user interface.  It’s pretty common for Android phones to lag or hesitate before completing an action but ever since the release of the original iPhone, Apple devices have been extremely responsive.
  8. iPhone screens look better than most Android devices.  While iPhone screens are still only 3.5 inches they usually boast higher resolution and brighter colors than most Androids.
  9. iPhones have more accessories.  There’s no other phone on the market that can be accessorized and personalized like the iPhone.
  10. iPhones have many more Apps.  Even if Android has more application markets, the App Store boasts over 725,000 applications for iOS.  Apple didn’t coin the phrase “there’s an app for that” for no reason.

There are plenty of good reasons to choose an iPhone over an Android but the most important is iPhones just work.  When Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, they set a new precedent for smartphone usability and the rest of the mobile market has been trying to catch up ever since.  No other company in the world has been able to innovate the mobile user experience quite like Apple and that’s clearly shown both by their market share and soaring stock price.

That said, there are many reasons they don’t own 100% of the market.  What’s in your pocket?  What did we miss in our Battle of the Smartphones this week?  Leave us a comment below and if you didn’t catch last week’s blog post make sure to catch up on Ten Reasons Android Phones are Better than the iPhone!